Tips for pruning hydrangeas

Facts about the hydrangea
Did you know that the first hydrangeas in our country came this way from Asia with the VOC ships? They also flower in the wild in South America. The name of the hydrangea is probably derived from ‘a jug of water’, which refers to the shape of the plant. A fun fact the next time you look at the hydrangea.

Most hydrangeas you buy at the garden center are farm hydrangeas. There are now also a number of breeding varieties on the market. The symbolism of the flowers of the hydrangea is multifaceted. They represent gratitude, grace and beauty. That is based on the exuberant amount of flowers and the round, convex shape. The colors represent love, harmony and peace. A hydrangea always fits in a luxurious bouquet, for example for a wedding.

Hydrangea maintenance and pruning
The maintenance of hydrangeas is not that difficult and that also applies to pruning the hydrangea. It is important that you make sure that the flower buds are not removed by pruning. Which hydrangeas you should prune carefully depends on the species in your garden.

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