Euphorbia Pulcherrima – Christmas Star

About the poinsettia

The poinsettia belongs to the spurge family. The plant is native to Central and South America and can reach a height of 5 meters there. There are about 5000 different poinsettia varieties. The leaves are dark green and slightly serrated. The poinsettia is grown here as a pot plant, mainly because of its top leaves that can be red, pink or white and together form a star.

The leaves may look like flowers, but they are not. The flowers are green with a yellow edge, small and inconspicuous. These are in the center of the colored leaves.

Poinsettias are so-called “short-day plants” that only flower when they receive no more than 12 hours of light. This happens in their homeland, not far from the equator, all year round.

Every year around July/August, the first poinsettias are set up in specialized companies to fill the shops at the end of the year.

Taking care of Christmas stars inside and out

The Poinsettia needs little water. If you water too much, the plant will drop its leaves. There should never be water at the bottom of the pot. It is recommended to immerse the roots in lukewarm water once a week until no more air bubbles rise. Then let the plant drip.

A light, sunny position with evaporating water nearby is ideal.

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