Pot chrysanthemum as a houseplant

When you think of potted chrysanthemums, you probably think of flowers. There are indeed plenty of them.

You have small flowers, large flowers with a colored heart, double rows of petals, spiky petals or round. And then they are also available in red, purple, pink, orange, yellow, white and green or a combination of two colors in a flower.

Inside and outside
You can place the plant indoors or outside on the terrace. Wherever you place it, with the right care, a potted chrysanthemum can flower for up to eight weeks.

Place the plant in a light, cool place of 18-20 degrees Celsius and keep the soil moist. When the flower has almost finished blooming, you can cut it off. This gives the new flowers extra sunlight and energy.

Purchase tip
Buy a potted chrysanthemum with a few flowers already open, because not all the small green buds will open.

Did you know
Potted chrysanthemums are now fully established in Europe, but originate from Asia. They are especially popular in Japan. The plant even has imperial status there and the Japanese celebrate the Festival of Happiness every year. On that day, they honor the chrysanthemum with its symbolism of good luck charm.

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